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About Us
  Yadoo stomatological hospital,also known as Yadoo Dental,is the first Sino-German cooperative chain stomatological organization in China and also a subsidiary of China’s biggest individually-run medical conglomerate,Bo’ai Medical Investment Bloc,China.We have been focusing on introducing advanced international stomatological technology into China to allow Chinese patients to enjoy dental diagnosis and treatment of international level without the necessity of going abroad.Since its formal establishment in China in 2010,Yadoo has successively set up chain branch organization in many cities,including Nanjing,Kunming,Guangzhou,Zhengzhou etc.Our goal is to open up over 30 chain stomatological organizations in China,basically every main city in China included.We aimed at providing convenient and high-quality service to Chinese patients as well as foreign patients who are working and living in China at any time and in any place.
   Apart from bringing in international medical technology in stomatology to China,we also established kind cooperation with many Medical Colleges of Stomatological Study and stomatological hospitals in China.Thus,to satisfy patients’ requirements, a large number of domestically well-known dental experts would be on diagnostics here to offer their professional service.We ourselves have a first-class team;dentists,all with a degree of at least BDS,acted as the leading surgeon in major public stomatological hospitals,so they have abundant clinical experience and plenty of success stories.
  Our equipment for diagnosis and treatment are among the most high-technological at home.We choose the famous German company,Sirona as our supplier and purchased its main-stream dental equipments such as dental CT, dental panoramic X-ray machine and dental chair etc. 
   By following standarded procedure of four hands operation strictly,we can prevent cross-infection during the operational process to the largest extent.Every patient is provided with separate clinic and treating room for the sake of privacy disclosure.
Yadoo Dental——First International Stomatological Hospital with Green Channel for Foreign Friends
    n these years,more and more foreign friends choose to work in China,but because of the linguistic barrier,many of them do not know how to find a dentist and how to find the best stomatological hospital either.And that’s why Yadoo set up a special green channel for international friends.We provide a series of specific services to them,such as an english website,english consulting hotlines,hiring foreign doctors etc.All this aims at high-quality stomatological medical service for international friends in China.
4D Dental Implant
3D Beauty Crown
Stealth Orthodontics
adoo Dental officially established in China in 2010, has successively set up chain branch organization in many cities,including Nanjing,Kunming,Guangzhou,Zhengzhou etc.

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